"Abi has been amazing to work with. She brings so much value to any team that she’s part of. Obviously the user experience is so much better with her contributions, but she has a way of encouraging collaboration among team members that also results in a better user experience and better overall communication among team members. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Abi, but also consult with her for guidance on things besides the microcopy."

Jenn Giardino, Red Hat

Principal Interaction Designer

"From day one, Abi has been an incredible mentor — she has a natural knack for forging and cultivating cross-team connections. Under her guidance, the UXD Content team has established collaborative processes with Customer Content Services and an array of product teams across Red Hat. In Red Hat's current remote work environment, she's gone above and beyond to make sure teammates (including myself!) feel seen, heard, and valued not only as Red Hat contributors, but as people. While her UX content work focuses on making digital experiences more human, Abi makes work experiences more human, too."

Alana Fialkoff, Red Hat

Associate Content Designer

“She is one of the few people I’ve worked with who is 100% focused on acting, sounding, and being professional at all times. Abigael also has an incredible work ethic. She works in a clear, focused, and dedicated manner from beginning to end.” 

Sean Prentiss, Norwich University

Professor & Author

"Abi has done an awesome job transitioning into a management role and continuing my stretch of great managers. She has been patient, encouraging, and active in helping me push my career forward and blaze my own trail within our organization. Her advice on leadership has been essential for my own development in my role leading the visual design team."

Michael Celedonia, Red Hat

Senior Visual Designer & Team Lead

"I have come to rely on Abi's expertise and mastery of all things content. She's an incredible copy editor, taking extra time to teach and inform along the way. She can take one of my scripts and not just point out all my Oxford comma failings, but also make fantastic suggested improvements that all around make for a better piece of content. I've watched her take on new challenges with aplomb and professionalism, managing both projects and people to the greater benefit of HubSpot Academy. Plus she's just a joy to work with – fun, funny, and full of great ideas. I welcome any opportunity to collaborate with Abi and I hope that is something we'll be able to do together throughout her career."

Crystal King, HubSpot

Sr. Marketing Manager

"Abi has provided content direction on several overlapping projects. For each ask, she elevates the UI content to a higher standard no matter the project's caliber. Her assistance has been commended on from other teams, as she has been instrumental in aligning fellow writers and engineers to a single vision. The resources Abi provides are so valuable that she has become a staple to include on all customer-facing projects."

Russ Blackburn, Red Hat

Principal Interaction Designer

"She has opened up so many channels of communication for content strategy and continues to be an excellent resource. Her advice is always transparent, detailed, and helpful. Abi has helped make content strategy/copywriting so much more approachable since she has started at Red Hat!"

Lucia Boehling, Red Hat

Visual Designer

"Abigael is extremely conscientious when it comes to her work. When I needed things done, she got it done — thoroughly and quickly. She has a track record of excelling at anything she sets out to do, and I have no doubt she will be a very strong asset in her future endeavors."  

Bruce Chang, HubSpot

Sr. Manager, Backline Support