Red Hat’s content design team

+ Opportunity: Provide a seamless and consistent content experience for increased product and PatternFly design system usability.

+ Solution: Established an embedded content design model for planning, crafting, testing, and iterating content at all stages of design. Demonstrated the usability impact with positive user testing data.

+ Outcome: Hired full-time content designers and built Red Hat's first UX content design team. Positioned content designers across high-priority product areas and the PatternFly design system.

Product brand voice effort

+ Opportunity: Make application deployment natural and enjoyable for Red Hat CI/CD users by transforming how we connect with customers through content and design.

+ Solution: Led multi-session brand voice workshops across design teams to define how the product will act (interaction design), look (visual design), and sound (content design) with persona-specific brand voice traits.

+ Outcome: Enabled the creation of a fully on-brand experience across Red Hat’s CI/CD product interface. Collected positive user feedback and achieved 100% task completion during user testing sessions.

UX research initiative

+ Opportunity: Provide users with data-driven interaction, visual, and content design experiences across Red Hat's products and PatternFly design system.

+ Solution: Regularly validate and iterate design deliverables by establishing user testing processes with the UX research team.

+ Outcome: Spearheaded Red Hat's first forms of microcopy (UI text) user research, ranging from surveys to task-based user testing. Extended data-driven design practices across direct reporting teams by leading user testing for the product and design system experience.

Design program office (DPO)

+ Opportunity: Build and communicate design culture at Red Hat across Product Design, Digital Design, and Brand departments.

+ Solution: Joined the DPO leadership board, an effort to align Red Hat's design disciplines through shared culture, tools, and processes. Participated in the DPO culture & comms working group.

+ Outcome: Launched the Red Hat Design website in collaboration with DPO participants and iterated the experience through surveys, workshops, and cross-team projects.

UX writing style guide

+ Opportunity: Scale microcopy (UI text) quality across Red Hat's portfolio with limited content design resources.

+ Solution: Created Red Hat's first UX writing style guide as an open source resource on the PatternFly design system.

+ Outcome: Style guide adopted across product groups and formally recognized by Red Hat's corporate communications council as our official microcopy standard.

Instructional design writing matrix

+ Opportunity: Increase content quality and scale editing support for HubSpot Academy online learning content.

+ Solution: Created and implemented the writing matrix, a scoring system for providing metric-based feedback across e-learning content categories.

+ Outcome: Decreased editing time by ~25% and lowered localization costs to support HubSpot Academy's goal of localizing all content in half the time and at half the cost.

Blog reporting framework

+ Opportunity: Demonstrate the impact of HubSpot's user blog as an enablement and education channel for HubSpot Academy online learners.

+ Solution: Built a reporting mechanism using Amplitude and HubSpot's reporting tools. Measured the blog's role in influenced software usage (enablement) and online course engagement (education).

+ Outcome: Documented and presented data showing the user blog's impact on increasing software usage metrics and online course sign-ups. Secured more design and freelance editing resources for the blog.